Making art with yarn and paper.

Today my youngest daughter (age 2) and I made art using yarn, glue, and paper. My oldest daughter (age 6) had brought out yarn for herself, in which my youngest quickly grabbed some for herself. In which she decided she wanted to glue the yarn onto paper.

Step 1: gather supplies
yarn, scissors, paper, and a glue stick.
Step 2: Cover the piece of
paper in glue.
Step 3: Place the yarn
and then push it down with your fist. That was my daughters
Finished yarn art.

When she picked up the project the yarn started falling off, we added more glue and I put it aside to dry completely. Shortly I will frame it within a cheap picture frame that way it’ll help hold it together. It was a fun simple activity that allowed her to play with glue, express herself, and have fun. Which is the whole point of art to relax your mind, have fun, and create. I’ve learned over time that art with kids can be chaotic and the idea I had in my head was flawed. I always thought it would be a process in which I would guide them through art and we’d sit down together and create. In reality arts and crafts time is a mess and my kids tend to make what they want and how they want. Which I’ve come to accept because there aren’t many times in which a kid or even adult for that matter can freely express themselves and do what they want in a safe environment. Art is that time for our family. If you have similar experiences and feel as if your household is chaotic and doubt your parenting/teaching style this is a simple reminder to say your not alone and don’t doubt yourself. Kids are most comfortable with their parents/caregivers therefore emotions will be higher at home learning. That is ok, and if you set out to have your children make a book for mothers day for their grandmothers and they make a yarn project instead it is ok. Art time is a time that you don’t have to take seriously, relax enjoy it and just have fun don’t worry about the mess that comes later. At least that is how I get through it. My oldest daughter however did finish her books, I’ll share her finished project in a post another day.

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I bought the above glue sticks in bulk at the beginning of the school year and to my surprise we still have some left. The scissors we used to cut the yarn came from a craft kit I bought my oldest. The kit contains a variety craft supplies that we’ve used throughout our art time this school year. I really like that it comes with a container to store everything inside.

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