Art activity: Shape collage.

If you’re looking for a fun simple activity to incorporate shape learning then shape collages are perfect for teaching your kiddos to be creative and learning their shapes at the same time. I’m often looking for low prep activities with minimal printing. In which shape collages are perfect because we cut out our shapes on construction paper. We did it free hand, you could use stencils or cookie cutters to make perfect shapes. In our house perfect isn’t all that important rather we just enjoy creating and having fun.

My youngest daughter’s (age 3) shape collage.
My youngest daughter’s (age 3) other shape collage.
My oldest daughter’s (age 7) butterfly.
Shape path.

I had drawn with marker on construction paper and cut out several shapes before they woke up to lay out in a path for them to follow. Leading them to their art area in the kitchen to create their collages.

Another path.

My youngest daughter woke up first and to keep herself busy till her sister woke up she made her own path up the stairs with shapes that we cut out together.

Pattern practice.

I also drew simple patterns on a sheet of construction paper in order to touch base about patterns with both my daughters. That we later cut out to stick on collages.

My youngest practicing her scissor skills with my help.
Incorporating reading into the activity.

I made a simple page for my oldest to read and my youngest to be read to. I try to incorporate reading into as many activities as possible because my oldest often doesn’t feel like reading books.

Supplies we used.

We used construction paper, sharpies, scissors, and stick glue. My oldest brought out more craft supplies we have on hand and added a little butterfly to her butterfly collage. The activity is extremely versatile. You can cut out the pieces or let your kiddos do it themselves. Let them make whatever. Just remember nothing has to be perfect and learning doesn’t need to be an overly serious event. Trust me I know what it’s like always feeling like it needs to be perfect honestly that is just our adult brains. Kids will learn even if the shapes aren’t perfectly pretty and it’s not printed out on fancy paper. It’s really just about learning and having fun. Being sloppy is perfectly fine.

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