Sight word board game with Nana Hedgehog and friends.

Teaching sight words can be a struggle. I often get stressed out trying to keep a system in which I can keep track of which words to introduce while going back over other words my daughter has already learned. Sight words are words that are best memorized because they’re words most often found in written text also they can’t all be sounded out properly. To hold my daughters attention I made 11 sight words boards. All the same color and same design to avoid them from memorizing each level and board rather than memorize the actual words. By turning each list into a fun game board it gives me the opportunity to bring out each list one at a time and easily go back to older lists for practice. When my first grader isn’t in the mood to play the game I have her read the words out of order. That way I’m sure she’s not just memorizing the list rather she is memorizing each word.

Playing the game is simple. We used counting bears as our game pieces. You can use whatever you like cereal, toys, and more. We roll the dice move that many spots and say each word leading up to the spot we land on.

Sight word list 9 game board.

I hope you enjoy the fun sight word inspired game.

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