Learning through play; The Elves Workshop.

My daughters are ages 3 and 7 and trying to find fun play based learning activities that bridge their age gap can be difficult. Therefore I often provide my own in which we can play together and incorporate as much learning within the activity as possible. My daughter’s love holidays and all things presents. We decided to set up our own Elves Workshop, in which my oldest wrapped a bunch of her own toys to place under the tree in her bedroom for the game. I made shape presents to incorporate shape learning into the activity. I also made presents with a text box upon them that way I could write in the sight words we are currently working on.

We made bracelets and sight word learning trees with the presents in which we used as ornaments to hang upon our tree.

Tree with holiday presents wrapped by my oldest.
The game was a mess although worth it because it kept them interested enough to get in some learning.
An example of what the presents look like.
I wrote sight words down on the present cards to turn the game into a chance to practice sight words. Later we made sight word trees to hang on the holiday tree.
Sight word trees.

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