Apple Tree Life Cycle

Recently I have been trying to plan ahead for preschool, rather than just doing activities on a whim. Recently I’ve been trying to make activities and lesson plans for the month of September in order to hold me accountable with my youngest daughter. To make sure I’m constantly talking about colors, numbers, shapes, math, and science. I know when my oldest starts online Kindergarten in September it will take up much of mine and my husbands time keeping her on track with her assigned lesson plans by her teacher. It’s been hard keeping her on track with her reading lessons, let alone an entire course curriculum. By planning ahead, I’ll have readily available lesson plans to make sure we stay on point with our youngest daughter as well.

My plan has been to create preschool lesson plans with a monthly theme. That covers the basics. September I chose apple trees. In this post I’m going to share themed activities that go along with the life cycle of an apple tree.

I made printable life cycle cards that can be cut out and laminated to be re-used throughout the month as a simple sequencing activity to lightly discuss the concept of what comes first, what happens last, etc.

I made a cut and paste sequencing activity. In which we can cut out the pictures and glue them in the right places.

I made an apple counting activity with Nana Hedgehog. In which I used four different colors of apples; red, green, yellow, and pink. I laminated the activity for durability and I wanted to be able to change the number of apples to feed Nana Hedgehog. I wanted a counting activity that went along with the month theme that we could use often and would hold my daughter’s interest.

I also made five coloring pages to go along with the Life Cycle of an Apple Tree. The plan is to color and cut up one coloring page a day, that way I’m sure my youngest is exposed to crayons and a simply coloring/drawing activity daily. I try to design the coloring pages to have empty space, to allow my daughters to draw what they want on the pages. Most coloring pages have simple sentences designed to help my oldest get reading time in without feeling as if its work.

I will have more apple themed coloring pages and or activities within the upcoming weeks available for download.

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