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Unicorn name writing template.

Trying to get my preschooler to write her name can come with frustration. Often times she’ll tell me no she doesn’t want to practice writing her name. Often times I keep it simple and ask her to write her name on a drawing she’s done that way everyone knows she made it. Or outside playing…

Unicorn Salon; Scissor Skills

I’ve been looking for practical easy activities for my youngest daughter to practice her scissor skills. She loves unicorns and cutting her dolls hair. I try not to encourage her to do the latter cutting her dolls hair because obviously it doesn’t grow back. Which is a concept she still doesn’t understand. Therefore I decided…

Unicorn theme coloring pages for early readers.

Trying to keep my daughters interest in reading can often be difficult. Therefore I often turn to coloring pages with simple sentences to get her reading more without a traditional book approach. It allows her to color as she reads and feel less like a reading requirement and more like a fun activity. If your…

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