Welcome to Learning with Nana Hedgehog.

Hi, my name is Tina. I am a married mother of two that believes anyone has the ability to guide their children through the basic stages of learning as long as they are willing to put in the effort.

Why Nana Hedgehog?
When my oldest daughter was less than a year old she was a tough critique making her laugh was difficult. Until one day my daughter, mother, and I were at the store and my daughter began to giggle. I stopped in front of this goofy looking hedgehog stuffed animal. We moved past it went down another aisle and there it was again, she laughed. Of course I bought it, then another two for when that one became disgusting and I wanted to throw it out. Instead years later she still has three identical stuffed animal hedgehogs she refers to as “my two crummy Vince’s and my not so crummy Vince.”

My youngest daughter is the complete opposite of my oldest. She is a giggly happy toddler. By one years old no stuff animal kept her interest except for Vince the hedgehog. My oldest gave her the “not so crummy Vince.” and she sleeps with him every night now.

Although it sounds ridiculous hedgehogs really are a big deal in my household, and a helpful tool when it comes to learning and keeping my children’s interest. My daughters love for hedgehogs sparked the creation of Nana Hedgehog. Who wouldn’t want their teacher to be an old woman hedgehog with purple glasses? ( :