3 more Halloween coloring pages.

It’s currently the end of August and my daughters are ready for Halloween. We’ve already started watching Halloween movies and coloring our Halloween coloring pages. I often find that coloring is a good time to throw in reading. My oldest daughter has always been stubborn when it comes to learning and finding things that interest her such as coloring can really help keep her interest.

We made puppets out of the coloring pages.
My oldest put on a puppet show.

I tend to keep the coloring pages plain to allow for creativity. Blank spaces that can be filled up with your little ones imagination. This time my daughters chose to cut the pages out and turn them into puppets. If your little ones aren’t into puppets you could always cut the pages out and glue them onto construction paper allowing your young learners to practice their scissor skills.

My oldest insisted on making her own Zombie coloring page.
My youngest and I drew a cat together and she came up with the sentence for the page.

My oldest daughter insisted that my zombies did not look like authentic zombies. Therefore she had to make her own coloring page that was much more zombie-like. My youngest joined in and helped me draw a cat. Allowing your little ones to create their own coloring pages gives them an opportunity to be creative. Also depending on their age it gives them a chance to type if you choose to use the computer. Easily it could be done on a piece of paper and the sentence written by hand which would be a great opportunity to work on their hand writing which is even better.

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