Practicing reading skills by digging through sand for word cards.

My oldest daughter (age 6) is a reluctant reader. Trying to find ways to keep her interested can be exhausting. I’m always looking and coming up with new ideas to keep her interested with the reading process to help develop strong reading skills. When it comes to learning sight words she often tries to sound them out and I remind her that sight words are best to learn by memory because they’re words that aren’t always easy to sound out. I made sight word cards and cvc cards that I laminated for durability and can be used in different activities. The cvc cards have dots below letters to remind her those words are best when sounded out, as the sight word cards have no dots because they’re best to be memorized. The sight word cards I printed out in more than one level and placed dot stickers upon the back that way I could color code the different sight word levels to remember which words were from which list. I pulled out the cards recently to hide within sand to switch our routine up and make reading/writing time more fun.

She enjoyed the activity, being able to dig for the word cards made her more willing to read off the words on the card. If she didn’t know the word she allowed me to read it to her. Usually she gets discouraged and gives up, because she enjoyed digging through the sand it held her interest and she was more willing to keep trying. I also had her write out the words she dug out and I did the same as I dug out words. Which is a huge bonus because she isn’t always willing to write either.

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Above laminator is the one I use to laminate all of the games and activities I print out for my children. The above books, teaching tools, and games are what I use to help strengthen and reinforce my daughters reading skills.

Click image above for another way to use the sight word and cvc cards.
click image above for another way to use the sight word and cvc word cards.
Click image above for a fun bee theme sight word game.
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