Calming down and finding a sense of control with modeling clay.

When I was a child I always enjoyed arts and crafts. My children find the same enjoyment in arts and crafts as I always have. When my oldest daughter gets in the mood of “I don’t want to do school,” and “You can’t tell me what to do.” I turn to art to calm her down and give her a sense of control in her world. With art learning can always be incorporated especially when it comes to my youngest (age 2) it’s a great way to talk about the names for colors and find ways to count depending on what we are making. For example if we are using markers we can count the number of markers.

I recently bought my daughters air dry modeling clay that they use to make presents for their grandparents. We also use non drying modeling clay as well. The air dry clay I bought was surprisingly foam like to me. It hardens although it feels more styrofoam than a traditional hard clay. My daughters are always asking to play with the clay. It’s great because it allows them to use their imaginations, work on their fine motor skills especially my youngest, and gives them a sense of control. In life we don’t often get to do things how we want, in the way we want therefore I use art to give my daughters that ability of freedom. When you spend most your day being told no don’t jump on the couch, no don’t climb the tv stand, no you can’t have more candy, and no dirt isn’t for eating. The type of stuff to an adult that seems obvious you shouldn’t do. To kids they feel a prisoner as if their jailer is cold hearted for telling them no they can’t have more candy because they will get a bellyache. Especially after a long day of saying the word no I pull out modeling clay and let them make whatever they want.

Art projects my daughters made out of modeling clay.

The pink and green creation was my oldest daughters in which she made a pink and green frog out of the air dry clay. My youngest daughter enjoys using the non drying modeling clay. She likes to bend the pieces and layer them.

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The clay pictured above are what we use at our house. I had bought the fox kit first. It came with great tools my daughters enjoy using and the carry case is perfect for storing everything inside. I even store the non drying clay inside the fox kit.


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