Hide and find a spooky character with a sight word.

I’m always trying to find ways to incorporate sight word practice into our day. Especially on the weekends when we take a break from rigid lesson plans I still want to sneak in some practice time therefore we tend to play educational based games. Both my daughters enjoy playing hide n seek in order to incorporate education within the game we hide characters around the house to find and read the words they’re holding. With Halloween coming up in several weeks I made a Halloween version with spooky characters to hide around the house. I left each word spot blank that way I could laminate each character and be able to write and erase each sight word whenever.

Spooky characters to hide, find, and read.

Our first set of the game was made up of several animals to find; a bird, hedgehog, rabbit, and a bear.

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If looking for more Halloween theme learning fun click on any of the images below.


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