Teaching young kids about culture. The country is Croatia.

My daughter chose the continent of Europe as our focus continent for the month of September. She picked it out on her puzzle globe. We had started studying a new country each week before summer as summer approached I decided to take a break and start back up during school time.

Week 8: Belgium
Week 9: Croatia
Week 10: Iceland
Week 11: Sweden

Last week we studied Croatia week 9, in a few days I’ll share what we learned about Iceland for week 10.

I start off the week by reading the country sheet filled of simple facts about the country. I keep it simple because my kids are young, and my oldest has school work to get done.

I had difficulty finding child level videos to introduce my children to the Croatian language therefore I don’t have a link to share. My oldest daughter is interested in castles and since Croatia is known for Castles I made several simple reading coloring pages with a castle theme.

The puzzle globe we have is neat and both my daughters enjoy taking off the pieces and making a mess of it, that’s the issue though since it’s more of a toy concept it’s sometimes hard to follow as far as getting the information of continents and where countries are located to sink into my kids heads. Therefore I recently bought a set of two posters one being a map of the world, and the other a map of the United States because that’s where we live. I hung them on our living room wall with velcro command strips that we can take them down whenever we want to look at and talk about continents and countries.

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